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Don't just take our word for it

Our clients tell it best.

Client on Structured Residential Programme, August 2019

“I have difficulties going to new places and rarely do but after the first couple of days on the retreat programme, I started to feel normal again. The reflexology treatment calmed my mind and anxiety down to levels where I started to feel good again. The acupuncture was different as I have never had it before, but I have to say after the second treatment it greatly eased the pain from my lower back and leg. The peacefulness and beauty of the Colebrooke estate also had a calming and reassuring effect on me. It has been a very difficult few years for myself and my family and we are trying to get some normality back into our lives, so thank you again.”

Client receiving Complementary Therapy (Acupuncture)

“I have had severe problems with insomnia and vivid dreams for the past 25 years. This is the first treatment out of all that I have received, including medication, over many years that appears to have made subtle changes for the better to my lifestyle. I have noticed that I am sleeping slightly better instead of waking frequently and I feel more relaxed in the morning. My long suffering partner has noticed that I don’t dream as much nor are they as bad, and are not keeping my partner awake as much. My partner has even said that I look less stressed and my daily demeanour is a lot more easy going. My body is generally not as tense as it has been. It is hard to say or put a finger exactly on what is happening but I and people close to me have noticed small and subtle changes in me.”

Client on Structured Residential Programme, November 2019

“I’ve never stayed somewhere so tranquil, the cottage was lovely and the surrounding woodlands quiet and magical. The acupuncture had lasting effect – after the second session was the first time I’d had no pain along the left side of my body and I felt light as a feather. I had a lovely time in the sauna and hot tub followed by a massage which was a strong, deep massage around my neck and back, sore but in a good way as it relaxed all the tension. Time spent in the walled garden was a real treat and very inspirational. I can really look back and appreciate all the respite and care we received. It has been very hard to achieve relaxation and that feeling of peace and security and that’s what we as a family have experienced through Brooke House.”

Client on Online Workshops, August 2020

I found the horticultural classes in particular extemely interesting. It was presented so well. I learnt to much and with the Q&A iy was so easy to ask questions as a complete beginner to this (zoom). Staff were very motivated and helpful. Brooke House have done a tremendous job during Covid19 – I appreciate all that the staff have done.

Client on Horticultural Therapy Programme, April 2019

‘Felt it was brilliant as it gave a sense of purpose and a place to go. It’s easy to get caught in a rut and by being in a safe place with people of a similar background (i.e. military), helped immensely as it is a great therapy to be outside and meet up with old comrades. Still keep in contact with most of the course and have continued to develop gardening skills and produce veg for the wider community.’

Client on Horticultural Therapy Programme, November 2020

‘Felt the course was great/very good. Immense comradeship between participants, whilst they did not know each other before, they are all from the same background.’