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Nature Based Therapy

Nature Based Therapy is an emerging field that focuses on the healing power of nature as a tool to promote health and wellbeing.

There is now strong evidence that people with good access to natural environments are more likely to have better mental health and wellbeing. The more actively engaged we are with nature, the better our wellbeing.

Our Nature Based interventions utilise the facilities available at Brooke House. Colebrooke’s Walled Garden provides a therapeutic space for individuals, their families, and groups, to engage with nature and develop horticultural skills through hands on gardening and seasonal field-to-plate workshops covering harvesting, cooking and nutrition.

Other nature-based interventions include catch and release Fly Fishing on the estate’s private lake, Wildlife Observation and Guided Nature Walks. We are continuously developing the nature based therapies we have on offer.

Nature Based Therapy is offered as a stand alone therapy, and as an intervention during our Structured Residential Programmes.

Growing Together, Defence Gardens Scheme

Under Positive Pathways 4 funding from the Armed Forces Covenant Trust Brooke House are delighted to be delivering a number of 10-week Horticultural Therapy Programme three times a year in Colebrooke’s Walled Garden.

Nature Blog

For more information about Brooke House, Colebrooke Park and Colebrooke Walled Garden, check out our blog!

We are delighted to share with you “Growing together through extraordinary times” our first ever nature blog! Developed in conjunction with Brooke House, DGS, Colebrooke Walled Garden this weekly blog will bring growing tips, information and whats happening in Colebrooke Walled Garden and the wider estate. It is funded by the Veteran’s Should Not Be Forgotten Programme from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust.

Forces for Change Funding

Under the Forces for Change programme from the Armed Forces Covenant Fund, Brooke House hopes to deliver further nature based programmes to help volunteers further develop their skill set. See video clip below for more information.

Take a look at our Defence Gardens’ Scheme Horticultural Therapy Programme.

This 10-week programme is available to clients with a therapeutic need and requires an additional screening process. It is delivered in conjunction with the Defence Gardens’ Scheme.