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Brooke House Health and Wellbeing Centre was established as an independent entity in December 2020.

Brooke House was formed by the Ely Centre in 2018 to provide support for police and military veterans, and their families.

On the 17th December 2020 the Ely Centre handed over responsibility for Brooke House to a new Board which will oversee its governance as an independent entity. Brooke House has been registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee (number NI670320) and as a charity with the NI Charity Commission (NIC108008).


Brooke House was initially funded in 2018 by the Chancellor using LIBOR Funds and in 2019 through the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust under its ‘New Ways to Tackle Serious Stress in Veterans, Carers and Families’ programme and other grants. In 2021 Brooke House will establish as an independent charity and continue to seek funding.


The Trustees of the new Board are Dr John Graham (Chair), Frances Nolan, Dorothy Brodison, Michael Skuce (Secretary) and Stephen White. For more information please visit Our People.


The Brooke House Memorandum and Articles of Association can viewed here, and the policies and procedures can be view here.

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