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Structured Residential Programme

A truly unique element of our services is the Structured Residential Programme.

Clients who require a more intensive period of intervention may be referred onto this programme, which has an additional screening process.

Clients, and their families/carers will stay on the estate for a week in one of the self-catering cottages located in Colebrooke Park. Each residential programme is individually tailored to the specific needs of the client(s), their family and can include a combination of  interventions.

The structured residential programme consists of the following:

  • A warm welcome to Brooke House and tour of facilities, wider estate and accommodation.
  • Bespoke programme tailored to suit the client and their family needs.
  • A variety of interventions (see more information below).
  • Free time to explore Colebrooke Estate and for the client and family to reflect and relax.
  • Regular check ins with clients throughout the week (informal feedback).
  • A formal review at the end of the week and a care plan established for moving forward.

Interventions during the structure residential programme are tailored specifically to client need and may include:

  • Talking therapy and psychological support
  • Complementary Therapy and use of Hot Tub, Sauna and Relaxation Suite
  • Physiotherapy
  • Use of the Gym and Exercises classes (if available, provided by TMC Colebrooke Fitness)
  • Nature Based Therapy Workshops
  • Outdoor activity workshops which as fly fishing or nature walks.

As well as plenty of free time to rest, relax and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the natural surroundings of Colebrooke Estate.