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Don't just take our word for it

Our clients tell it best.

Brooke House Wellbeing Centre is just that. As you drive down the lane towards Brooke House, you pass deer running across the land, rabbits and lambs jumping and bleating, and birds singing. You then realise there is another life out there. One of happiness, one of life breathing into your lungs, and you immediately feel better. Then you see the walled garden with Dougal and his team and meet Anya with her beautiful thoughts on life and wellbeing. And of course, the amazing staff behind the scenes all working to help you. The dark days of PTSD are very real for service and ex-service personnel and their families. Brooke House can help, they are only a phone call away, but they can make a lifetime of difference.



When the therapist described how Trauma affects the body and brain, I took a deep breath because they put words and understanding to my experience.  I have waited 28 years to understand this… a turning point.

I feel safe in Brooke House.  When I leave I feel lighter.

I would have responded different before counselling.  Now I understand what my needs are.

Loved it – everyone was heartfelt, open and honest.  I liked the trust and confidentiality within the group.

We learned about different masks that we wear.  Sometimes you are afraid to be your true self.

Brooke House helps people live in the present and plan for the future, yet dealing with the past.

I’ve become a much stronger person.  I was at rock bottom when I heard about Brooke House.  It was a lifeline.