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Physical Activity

Evidence shows that being active has enormous benefits for physical and mental health.

Clients of Brooke House Health & Wellbeing Centre may be referred to the on-site gym to avail of the professional guidance of a qualified personal trainer on how to incorporate gentle exercise safely into their routine.

Colebrooke Fitness Gym is located beside Brooke House Health and Wellbeing Centre and offers a range of exercise equipment suveteran exercise Brooke-housech as treadmills, exercise bikes, resistance machines and free weights.
In addition, Brooke House offers group exercise classes to its clients, such as pilates (dependent on availability).

In conjunction with our Nature Based Therapy Brooke House also utilises and promotes nature walking and using the outdoors for exercise-providing activities such as fishing and gardening. A number of nature trails have been developed on Colebrooke Estate, including the Veteran’s Walk, established by a team of veteran volunteers in 2019.